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Comics Plus

Checkout Period

Comics checkout for seven days. After seven days the checkout expires and comic's cover goes dark. If you'd like to check out a grayed-out title, just click on the cover and the comic book will be checked out to you for another seven days.

You may delete any expired title at any time to remove it from your account. 

Get the App

  1. Download the Comics Plus app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. 
  2. Search for Nashville Public Library.
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN. 
  4. Browse or search to find a title. 

Borrowing and Checkouts

  • Click “Read” to borrow the item. 
  • You can download the comic for offline reading or read the title online (stream now) without downloading. 
  • Click on "My Shelf” to see all items you’ve borrowed, including items that have expired. 

Removing Items from My Shelf

  • Expired items will stay in your account, like a reading history. 
  • To remove an item from My Shelf in the app, tap on a title and a new window will open asking if you want to borrow again or delete. Click “Delete” to remove the title from “My Shelf.” 
  • To remove an item from My Shelf on the Comics Plus website, mouse over the item and click the minus sign (-).