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Defend Yourself at All Times

December 2, 2022
501 Unarmed Self-Defense Skills

Self-defense is one of the most important skills I believe anyone should have. I like to say, “better to know but not needed.” Most attackers are looking for someone they perceive to be an easy target. In 501 Unarmed Self-Defense Skills, Chris McNab gives you simple techniques to use to ward off an attacker.  


With some practice, the basic techniques provided in the book will help you protect and defend yourself or someone else, regardless of their size, strength, or gender.

Some of the techniques provided have illustrations, making them easier to understand. 

The book is broken into sections, making it easy to find the techniques you are looking for.

Be Mindful of Your Abilities

The book is designed to prepare you for situations that could happen. Beware, some of the techniques can get you seriously injured if you haven’t trained with individuals who are proficient with these techniques (or variants). Some of the techniques only work from years of training and drilling with a partner. Keep that in mind when you are making notes of the ones to use.

Closing Thoughts and A Tip

This book is beneficial to all levels of self-defense knowledge. From the basics to the advanced techniques, this book covers it all.

A tip for you. When deciding what techniques you want to focus on using, think about the ones that possibly pair well (or chain) with each other. For example, a jab can give you an opportunity for a leg kick. A palm strike could get you close enough for a sweep, followed by a ground strike.

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Lavelle Miller Sr. is a U.S. Army Veteran, gamer, podcaster, and mixed-martial artist. He currently works in the Adult Services Division at the Main Library where he strives to inspire and motivate patrons as well as fellow co-workers.

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