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Unconventional Holiday Movies

December 20, 2020
Unconventional Holiday Movies

Tired of watching the same holiday movies over and over? Not into having a Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas? Try one of these unconventional holiday-adjacent films.


Famously shot on an iPhone, this dramedy follows a transgender sex worker who discovers her boyfriend’s been cheating on her after being released from a 28 day prison sentence on Christmas Eve.


A 1984-esque dystopian film where fantasy and reality are blurred as a low-level bureaucrat becomes mixed up in a terrorist plot while trying to protect his love interest.  

Silver Linings Playbook

A man with bipolar disorder recently released from psychiatric care falls in love with a widower struggling with depression while trying to win back his estranged wife. A rom-com based on the book by Matthew Quick.

American Psycho

A black comedy based on the Brett Easton Ellis novel about an amoral and vapid Wall Street investment banker in the consumerist height of the 80s who murders people in his spare time.

Star Trek VII: Generations

Bringing together the casts of The Original Series and The Next Generation, this film features Captain Picard having his very own A Christmas Carol-like experience in the Nexus.

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Megan works at the Main Library Teen Center. She enjoys crafting, board games, and horror and sci-fi films. Reach out to her if you're looking for something new to watch.