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Struggling to Cope with the Pandemic? NPL Veterans Have Some Advice

November 10, 2020

Former Service Members Share Proven Tips That You Can Use Now

Most people would agree that we’ve never endured anything like the COVID-19 pandemic before.

We’ve seen businesses closed or severely restricted; layoffs and furloughs across hundreds of industries; and families forced to remain at home, distanced from each other, and required to wear masks everywhere they go.

And it’s taking a toll on all of us. In a poll conducted by the non-partisan, non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), 53% of surveyed adults said their mental health has been negatively affected by the pandemic. Additionally, 36% said they have experienced trouble sleeping, while 12% said their alcohol intake has increased, and another 12% said their chronic medical conditions have worsened.

When we’re faced with some of the most trying conditions we’ve ever encountered — with no training or preparation on how to cope — what can we do?

If there’s any group that has been through anything comparable, it's our veterans. Many of them have spent months or even years separated from their family and loved ones, all while operating under very strict rules and procedures. Couple that with performing some of the most dangerous jobs known to humankind, in some of the worst environments on Earth, and you can bet that they had to develop some techniques to keep sane.

For this year’s Veterans Day, we asked a few of our Veterans at Nashville Public Library (NPL) about their experiences and how they’re applying what they learned in the military to stay resilient during the pandemic. They have a lot of good info to share, that anyone can put to use, if we just take the time to listen.

We can’t think of a better way to let them know how much we appreciate what they’ve endured while serving our nation.

Ed Brown

Marketing and Communications

Ed Brown, Marketing and Communications - Army Veteran

Thomas Hammons

Technology Services

Thomas Hammons, Technology Services - Navy Veteran

Lavelle Miller

Safety and Security

Lavelle Miller, Safety and Security - Army Veteran

Chris Morin

Mananger, Donelson Branch Library

Chris Morin, Manager, Donelson Branch Library - Army Veteran
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Ed's a proud member of NPL's Marketing and Communications team. Some of his favorite books include Dracula, Once an EagleNeuromancerStarship TroopersThe Black CompanyBerserkBlade of the ImmortalBlame! and Vampire Hunter D. When not at the Library, you'll find him spending time with his wife and son, doing interval training, reading, or waiting for the next FromSoftware game.


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