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RIP Alex Trebek

November 10, 2020

The answer is: One of the best game show hosts of all-time.

If you said, “Who was Alex Trebek?” you would be correct.

On November 8, the Jeopardy! host lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. When Trebek was diagnosed in March 2019, the doctors gave him less than an 18% chance to live more than 12 months. With the help of excellent doctors, beneficial treatments, and an epic will to live, he managed to make it almost 2 more years. 

Born in Ontario, Canada, Alex got his start at the CBC before moving to the US in the 70s. In 1984, he started hosting a reboot of the game show where the answers are the questions. After taking a brief break earlier in the year, due to the pandemic, Jeopardy! resumed filming this past July. Alex’s final episode is due to air on Christmas Day. 

I’ve been a Jeopardy! fan for a long time - except for math categories and Potent Potables. I’m much better at the music and book clues. Since Alex has been the host for basically my whole life, it will be weird to see someone else behind his podium. It won’t be the same without his dry sense of humor. 

I will take You Will Be Missed for $200 please, Alex. (Come on Daily Double…)

Alex Trebek 1940 - 2020

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