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Who doesn't love looking at old photos? Part II

September 26, 2020

While Metro Archives and the Library have been physically closed the better part of this year so far, we've undoubtedly been busy! In between fulfilling patron requests, we're also processing collections, including the Sidney O'Berry Collection. 

September is normally my education month, but I'm planning lengthier posts for October and November, so I decided to keep it simple this month. Instead of a long blog post, I'm just giving you newly-scanned photos and video footage as a continuation from an earlier post from this year. I've added a few more photos to that slideshow as well, like the one below, so please check it out - Who doesn't love looking at old photos? Part I

Rev. C.T. Vivian at a march in Nashville, in 1964
Rev. C.T. Vivian at a march in Nashville, in 1964.

The images from this post are from our Sidney O'Berry Collection that I've been scanning these past few weeks. Sidney O'Berry was a local Nashvillian, photographer and videographer, to apply today's terminology to his work. He worked on television shows, documentaries, you name it. His collection was donated to us many years ago by his sister, but I'm just getting around to processing it thoroughly. 

View of midtown area and west Nashville from downtown, in 1962
View facing west from downtown, down Church street. In the distance, you can see what used to reside where interstate 40 now flows through the city.

The slides included are just a sampling of what we have, and my favorites from the bunch. He also took photos at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, on August 28th, 1963, as well as various vacation photos. 

Without further ado, check out a few of the images here...

Sidney Oberry Slide Collection - Briley for Mayor sign

Our Audiovisual Heritage Center staff have been working diligently throughout quarantine, and have recently added a few new videos to our Archives' Vimeo page. They've also re-organized the site into themes or "showcases" if you'd like to search by topics.

Screen shot of the Vimeo page with new showcases
Screen shot of the Vimeo page with the new showcases

Here are a few gems from the recently-posted videos, including footage from the flood in 1975 at Opryland and a Chamber of Commerce video advertising Nashville in the 80's; it includes some 80's-tastic background music too. 

Flood at Opryland in 1975
Nashville '86 video

'Til next time, 


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