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Overdrive Book Recommendations Available Right Now

March 21, 2020

If you weren't able to check out any physical books from the Library before self-isolating at home, or perhaps the one you have hasn't turned out to be very good - don't worry! Here are some recommendations for titles to check out NOW from the Library's Overdrive page. 

Practicing social distancing and keeping yourself safe at home doesn't need to be an unproductive or boring affair. Sure, there's all the streaming services that you can raid for hours on end, but after you're bored of that or simply done with watching tv, what's next? Continuously pestering your cats? I've tried that; they've been experts at social distancing for a long time. 

Here's another choice - downloading some great reads from the Library's Overdrive page. 

Quick tips of downloading from Overdrive...

  1. If you click on each link below under the titles, it'll take you the Library's catalog listing for the book. It's going to give you all edition options, but for Overdrive versions, just click the "Check Out Overdrive" link to the right of "e-audiobook" or "ebook". 
  2. From there, it's going to ask for your library card and pin number. Then, take you to another window for you to "view your check outs"; click that button as well. 
  3. Now you're at your personal account page with your check-outs. Scroll down to your Overdrive read. You have a few options from here. If you're on the device that you'd like to listen to/read the book on, then you can either click on "listen now" if you don't want to download it. Simply listen to it from the website. 
  4. Or, if you want to download it, go to the "Download" option. It's going to ask for the proper format, then you can click "download". It's that easy.  
  5. There's also an APP for your smartphone where I usually listen to my books. Once you've set up your Library account on that APP, you can download your reads to that as well. For other tips or questions, click on this link to the Overdrive "Getting Started" page. 

There are A LOT of great reads, both ebooks and e-audiobooks on the Overdrive page. So here are some of my favorites that are available right now to download...

Where the Crawdads Sing
By Delia Owens

I know, shocker that this one is available right now. But it is!

It's available as an audiobook right now, which is exactly how I read the book.  

What it's about...

Well, it's been sitting at the top of the best-sellers list for a while, for a reason. It's a historical fiction-suspense novel based in a fictional, small town in North Carolina called Barkley Cove, with its own prejudices against a young girl that grows up in the marshland of the area. Unkindly named "the marsh girl" by the town, Kya Clark is the main character whose story starts from her youth to adulthood, also making this a coming-of-age story. 

It's no secret being revealed to say that Kya essentially raises herself throughout the book, which is told both at the present time in the book (1969) and looking back to Kya's past, so you gradually learn about who she is, whom she becomes, and how that reflects on the 1969 present-day of the book, where a murder is being investigated in the small town.

What I loved about it...

Beyond it being historical fiction which I love, it was very well written by someone with a scientific mind, and that Kya is a very likable character that you can't help but empathize with and root for throughout the entire book. There's also a little love story that goes with it, so that helps.

It's good stuff, so definitely go check it out before it's off the 'digital' shelf again! 

Truly Madly Guilty 
By Liane Moriarty

It's been a red-hot minute since I've read this one, but because I loved Big Little Lies so much, I thought I'd give another one of Moriarty's books a shot. Wise choice too, otherwise I wouldn't be recommending it.

It's available to listen to as an audiobook on Overdrive right now. 

What it's about...

If you've read one of Moriarty's books before, you know her quick-witted writing style with plenty of twists and turns throughout her books. There's no difference here. Except this time, this story involves three families that decide to get together one afternoon for a barbeque. What starts as a seemingly good time turns into chaos and almost-tragedy, that leaves every family questioning themselves and exposing glaring secrets and faults in each relationship. 

What I loved about it...

Well, her writing of course as I already mentioned. But also, like most people these days, I enjoy a little drama. And Moriarty doesn't disappoint.

The Au Pair
By Emma Rous

I listened to this fiction/mystery novel as an audiobook and I recall reading it quickly that way, because it was difficult to stop listening.

It's available as an ebook and audiobook on Overdrive right now. 

What it's about...

Similar to my first recommendation that flips from back and forth from the present to the past, this book does the same thing except with different narrators. The present-day for the book follows the story of Seraphine Mayes, who begins the book shortly after the death of her and her siblings' father. She has an older brother and a twin brother, which is key to the story (which I'll try not to reveal too much about). While dealing with her grief and changes to the family estate, Seraphine comes across a photo that appears to be taken the day of her birth that includes her long-deceased mother, who died the exact same day of the photo.

This photo leads her down a long and dangerous path to her family's dark secrets, that cause her to ask questions about her and her twin brother's identities.

The past version of the story is told through the eyes of the au pair, starting from when she was hired to take care of Seraphine's older brother when he was 4, while Seraphine's mother was pregnant. I'll reveal no other details about the past though, so I don't give anything away. 

What I loved about it...

I don't read mysteries very often but when I do, they remind me why I enjoy them. I have a hard time putting down a book like that without knowing the ending, so it has that non-stop pull throughout the book. And I saw some of the ending coming, but not completely, so I appreciated the unknown. 

I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons
By Kevin Hart

We could all use a little humor in our lives right now, and this book doesn't bore. If you're someone like me that enjoys Kevin Hart's comedy, then you'll love his memoir. 

It's available as an ebook to read on Overdrive right now. 

What it's about...

Well, the obvious - Kevin Hart's life. But to be specific, he, of course, incorporates his natural humor into his life story. Starting from his early days growing up in Philly, to what it took for him to become a successful comedian - he doesn't leave any details out. And it's not all just humor, Hart has quite a few insightful pieces of advice to give to his readers throughout the book. 

My favorite quote from the book - "treat each moment like a seed, and care for it so that something beautiful can grow from it."

What I loved about it....

I already mentioned that I enjoy Kevin Hart's comedy, so it's a given that I loved the book because it was great to see where he gets his inspiration for his comedy and how he became as successful as he is. 

Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years 
David Litt

Okay...let me just start with saying I am recommending this book because it was funny and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the White House. There are no other underlying hints I'm trying to make here.

With that being said, this one is available as both an ebook or e-audiobook, read by the author himself. 

What it's about...

David Litt was one of President Obama's speechwriters; specifically he was one of his comedic writers. Do ya'll remember President Obama's anger translator "Luther" at the 2015 White House Correspondent's Dinner? Well, there you go - Litt was behind that skit, or at least one of the writers behind that skit.  

The book focuses on both Litt's life and how he found himself working for the most powerful man in the free world, as they say.  

What I loved about it...

If my previous comedic recommendation doesn't give you a hint about what I like to read, maybe this will. I need humor in my life, badly. If it's not coming from non-stop reruns of The Office, then I'm looking for my next comedic read. And this is one I'm proposing to you. It's not all humor as you learn Litt's story, but it's cool to learn how things work in the White House as well. And gives you an idea of what makes Obama laugh too. 

Alternative available reads

If none of these are your thing or are no longer available, here are a few other good suggestions that I've either read or are meaning to...

'Til next time, stay safe and happy reading!


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