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The Best Health Website You Didn't Know About

October 18, 2019

Looking for health information online? Start with this user-friendly website from National Library of Medicine.

I broke my foot this summer, and after getting the diagnosis from a doctor, I scrolled through endless web search results for “5th metatarsal fracture” to learn more. The top websites included professional podiatry (foot health) organizations, patient discussion forums, and companies selling medical walking boots. I was already feeling overwhelmed by my injury, and this web search was not helping. I just wanted some simple information that I could trust.

So I visited

The National Library of Medicine—the world’s largest medical library—has been maintaining this health website for consumers since 1998. You can find information on over 1,000 diseases and health topics from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted medical organizations.

The website is free to use from your computer or phone, translates fully into Spanish, and there are no advertisements or product endorsements. Most importantly, information is written in plain language that is easy to understand.



I typed "5th metatarsal fracture" into the website's search bar, and quickly found an article on the aftercare of a broken foot. It was exactly what I was looking for. It included a list of references and proof that the article had been reviewed less than one year ago.

Although the science in foot fractures might not change much, the research and treatments for cancer, infectious diseases, and other health conditions are evolving all the time, and old information can be dangerous to your health. MedlinePlus stays up-to-date by adding new content daily that reflects the latest medical research and treatments.

Start your next online health search with!