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The Flavor Bible

April 15, 2019

I love this cookbook because instead of offering specific recipes, it teaches you how to pair ingredients, often without a trip to the grocery store!

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg spent eight years creating this book, with the goal of helping cooks move beyond recipes and start finding their own creativity in the kitchen. Instead of a book filled with recipes to follow, you’ll find two chapters that help you tap into your cooking intuition, and then a chapter of flavor matchmaking charts. Simply search for a main ingredient you have on hand, like salmon or chicken breast, and find a full list of spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, oils, and meats that pair with that ingredient. From there you can create a full meal, with ingredients you have on hand, that will blend together beautifully. If the lack of structure and instruction intimidates you, don’t worry! There are plenty of dish ideas and small lessons throughout the book to offer a bit of guidance.

My Favorite Pairings

  1. Carrots + ginger + maple syrup pg 96
  2. Mushrooms + garlic + shallots pg 225
  3. Oranges + dark chocolate pg 243
  4. Salmon + apple + rosemary pg 298
  5. Tomatoes + blue cheese pg 347

The Flavor Bible is the perfect cookbook for the those who are comfortable following recipes, but who are ready for a new challenge.

Plan on growing a garden this year? This book will help you cook dinner on the fly with your harvest.

Feeling bored with your meals? This book will inspire creativity and excitement in the kitchen again!



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Erin Judge


Erin is a nutrition educator with Be Well at NPL, working to bring easy-to-digest nutrition information in the hands of all Nashvillians. If she's not in the kitchen or reading up on the latest nutrition research, you can find her running the local trails with her dog.