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Fandom Fest Faves and Raves

March 24, 2019

Teen Center staff and patrons geek out over their favorite books, movies, and music during Fandom Fest Month.


In celebration of Fandom Fest Month, folks from the Main Library Teen Center are sharing some of our favorite fandoms. Check out the recommendations below.

“I’m almost certain every D&D nerd has watched the Netflix original series Stranger Things by now. A lot of what makes the show so magical in my opinion is the music. Sprinkled with soundbites from your favorite characters and jam packed with all your favorite musicians from the 80s, including Duran Duran, The Bangles, Devo, Joy Division, and Cindy Lauper, you can check out the CD from the library.” – Megan, Library Associate

“…destroys gender expectations, ex. girls can kick butt.” – anonymous teen patron

“The new Halloween is a direct sequel to the original and features director John Carpenter and lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the franchise. It provides opportunities for some fun, “who’s going to die?” guessing as well as exciting, edge-of-your-seat tension. This fresh story maintains the familiar tone of the original with some unexpected turns, making it a thrilling experience from beginning to end. Get scared with this DVD. It’s at the library!” – Frank, Library Associate

“A kid becomes a pirate to find the One Piece treasure. I like it because the protagonist doesn’t always win, it’s unpredictable, and the struggle is real.” – Antonio, teen patron

Rock-a-Doodle was one of my absolutely favorite movies as a kid and even now as an adult. From the lovable characters to the amazing music and the absolutely hilarious punchlines and high jinks, there is no way that your whole mood won't brighten after watching this movie. After all, who doesn't like a good Elvis impersonation?” – Nina, Program Specialist

“While navigating the troubled waters of sex, romance, school, and family, teen Archie and his gang become entangled in a dark Riverdale mystery.” - Kennesha, teen patron

“This amazing cartoon follows three kids as they learn to “bend” the elements using different types of Chinese martial arts. The characters are accessible and complex, the story compelling (who doesn’t love the story of an underdog and his team saving the world?!), the world rich and beautiful. You can find all the series on DVD or stream the first two seasons on Hoopla. The show was so popular that big name writers have written companion graphic novels (see the graphic novel section in Children’s), and there is spin-off series called the Legend of Korra – also available on DVD at the library!” – Jessie, Librarian

“LGBT representation – a lesbian love story.” – anonymous teen patron

“I’m a big fan of the Rambo movies. I grew up watching the first three movies (First Blood, First Blood II, and Rambo III) and had a John Rambo action figure. I still probably watch all four movies (Rambo IV came out in 2008) at least three times a year.  The final Rambo movie comes out sometime this year! You can find all of the movies and the book by David Morrell at the library.” - Luke, Teen Services Manager

“A girl named Bee has a weird cat/dog and they go on missions, but there’s a deeper story…I like it because it’s cute and funny.” – Talithia, teen patron

What are you currently geeking out over? Share it in the comments!  

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Megan works at the Main Library Teen Center. She enjoys crafting, board games, and horror and sci-fi films. Reach out to her if you're looking for something new to watch.