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I Love Nick Offerman

February 14, 2019

I love Nick Offerman. (It’s ok. My husband loves him, too.)

Happy Valentine’s Day. Or bah humbug, if you will. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the holiday. Even now that I’m married, I really don’t think I could care less about stupid Valentine’s Day. Which, naturally, brings me to my most recent TV crush. I first fell in love with Nick Offerman as the effervescent Parks Director Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec. Mr. Swanson would never put up with schmoopiness on Valentine’s Day and that’s why I love him. 
Recently, Nick released a book co-written with his wife called The Greatest Love Story Ever. Who’s his wife, you ask? Only the great Megan Mullally aka Mrs. Karen Walker aka Anastasia Beaverhousen. When I first started this quest into the Land of Offerman, I had no idea he was married to Karen Walker. This made me so happy. Usually with this type of comedic memoir, I request the audio version because I love to hear actors read their own works. However, in this case, I immediately requested the print version of the book because I could get it faster. 
I’m glad I got the print version because the pictures in the book are indescribable. Nick and Megan love to spend time together at home putting together puzzles and they included a whole section with photos of them posing to match the puzzle they just completed. And some of them are pretty racy, friends. I didn’t even know that Rated R(+) puzzles existed. Do these people know how to party or what?
I was watching Gilmore Girls the other day, and Nick popped up as Jackson’s brother, Beau Belleville. Now I’ve seen this episode LOTS of times and I never realized the Ron Swanson had been to Stars Hollow until now. Mr. Offerman also starred in the movie Hearts Beat Loud that just came in for me. So excited to see more Nick.
Let’s face it, he’s everywhere people. And that makes me happy. 
So if you need a Valentine this holiday, check out some Nick Offerman. He won’t give you any candy hearts or flowers, but you guys can make fun of all the lovey-dovey people together.
Happy Swansoning…
:) Amanda

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