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Take a Leap Into Action!

March 15, 2018

Searching for manga that will invigorate and fill your craving for adventure? Look no further than these two highly recommended series!

As Winter turns into Spring, you might be thinking about getting more active and adventurous with more daylight and warmer temperatures. Your reading habits might also take that same direction, well these manga are here to help! Both of these manga series are popular adventure series with drama, intrigue, and endearing characters you will want to find more about!


Ichigo Kurosaki has a unique gift: He has the ability to see ghosts! One of the uses of this talent causes him to run into Rukia, a Soul Reaper who helps usher souls of the dead to the afterlife. Rukia is tasked not only with assisting lost souls, but fighting Hollows, monsters from lost souls who harm both ghosts and humans. Ichigo finds Rukia gravely injured after fighting a Hollow, so they make a trade, now Ichigo is a Soul Reaper while Rukia recovers! Now Ichigo has to balance living a normal high school life while being advised by Rukia how to be a Soul Reaper! Ichigo gets help though from his friends who also turn out to be Soul Reapers, and adventures in hunting the Hollows together!


What do you get when you mix thieves, cons, and brutes? Well you get Itsuwaribitos, the consummate criminal professional! Utsuho wants desperately to be an Itsuwaribito, but he wants to use his abilities, and his ability to lie, for good and save people! Utsuho in his childhood caused a major disaster all for telling the truth, so he decided from that day on he was going to be a liar! Taught by a monk who raised him in an orphanage, Utsuho goes from troublemaker to Itsuwaribito who adventures to use his talents for good! Along the way, Utsuho meets new friends and other Itsuwaribitos who help him on his quest to save people...through lies!

An important note is that Itsuwaribito and Bleach have drastically different lengths! Bleach also has a long running anime adaptation that NPL has some episodes of! All twenty-two volumes of Itsuwaribito and all seventy-two volumes of Bleach are currently available across NPL!