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Adult Coloring Night at the Library

November 20, 2017

It’s usually children who get permission to color and play, but at Bordeaux Branch Library's weekly coloring night, it’s all about the adults, and they keep coming back.

On a chilly Thursday evening, I am drawn to a cozy meeting room with the welcoming comforts of hot tea, calm music, and essential oils in the air. It is adult coloring night at Bordeaux Branch, a weekly gathering to promote relaxation, creative expression, and connection.
Seen as an alternative form of meditation, coloring calms the fight-or-flight part of our brain, reducing panic, worry, and unhelpful thoughts. Coloring also develops concentration, organization, and problem-solving skills as you decide on the colors and layout of your drawing. And as the coloring night regulars at this branch will tell you, it’s also just fun!

Todd, who returns weekly for the program, shares, “I am a creative person and this program lets me express myself. I also work a lot, so I enjoy the social outlet of coloring night.” He jokes around with another program regular Sekita, identifying her to me as the "coloring professional." They laugh about something they had discussed last week, decompressing from the stressors of adult life through art and camaraderie.

Sekita, who has worked as a counselor for children and families in the past, understands the health benefits of coloring and other art outlets. “I always used arts and crafts in therapy, and encouraged the adults to participate too.” She often checks the NPL events calendar to locate our free arts programming for adults, traveling to different branches to attend crochet, beading, and most recently an art journaling class. “Being creative is my form of stress relief.”

At one point during the evening, two women peek curiously inside, enticed by the positive energy and calming atmosphere. “Oh wow, the library does this every week? We may just join you next time!”.

Adult Coloring Night occurs every Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm at Bordeaux Branch Library.

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