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NPL Mixtapes: Turbolift Tunes

July 16, 2017

An NPL curated Star Trek inspired playlist with original art. 

Sometimes it’s hard to find the music I want for my mixtapes using only Freegal, but that’s part of the challenge, and in this case, the SUMMER CHALLENGE! Like some of my co-workers, I too have accepted the mission to build a better world Trekkie style. This month’s theme: elevator music in the spirit of Star Trek. Live long and prosper.

Turbolift Tunes

1. “Star Trek: The Original Series (Main Theme)” by the Original Movies Orchestra on Star Trek: Themes from Television Series

2. “Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Instrumental Version)” by DJ Top Gun on Starships Plus Other Top Hits of 2012

3. “Lights (As Made Famous by Ellie Goulding) – Instrumental Cover” by Liquid Audio on Lights Electric – Instrumental Covers, Vol. 1

4.  “A Space Odyssey (Instrumental Mix)” by Fritz von Runte on BOWIE2001 - A Space Odyssey – The Instrumentals

5. “Open Space (Instrumenta)l” by DJ She, Rita Mojitio on Open Space

6. “Starboy (Instrumental Version) by The Backing Baristas on That’s What I Like and Other Contemporary Instrumental Versions

7. “Virtual Insanity (Instrumental Version)” by Hit Crew Masters on Ultimate Pop Hit Instrumentals, Vol. 6

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Megan works at the Main Library Teen Center. She enjoys crafting, board games, and horror and sci-fi films. Reach out to her if you're looking for something new to watch.