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All Hail the Princesses of Manga!

July 2, 2017

Are you feeling the need for the regal in your reading life? Are you looking for manga that leaves a feel-good warmth with some laughs and drama along the way? Do we have some good news: it’s once again time to provide you with a classic and a popular manga to add to your lists!

This post's theme is stronger heroines, conquering their fears and defying limitations that imposed on them by others. One has the Princess due to a family title and the other has the title that they have given themselves. That being said, both of them hold the right to refer to themselves as Princesses at heart.

Old: Princess Knight


Sapphire is born into the Kingdom of Silverland, descended from royalty and a proud daughter to the King and Queen. There is just one problem: Sapphire isn’t able to inherit because she is a princess and not a prince! Sapphire’s parents make the decision to tell the people that she is actually “Prince” Sapphire to stop Duke Duralumin from taking the throne and oppressing the people of Silverland! Meanwhile, Tink is sent from heaven because Sapphire was given the heart of a boy and the heart of a girl, and he has to take one back! Sapphire and Tink both adventure together to save the Kingdom as well as have Sapphire find her true self!

New: Princess Jellyfish


Tsukumi is a young aspiring illustrator living in Tokyo who is still adapting to life without her mother, who inspired her when taking her to an aquarium instilling a love of jellyfish, which connects mother and daughter. Living together with other aspiring illustrators, Tsukumi saves a jellyfish in a local pet shop with the aid of Kurako, a beautiful woman who crosses her path. However, things are not all as they appear, and Tsukumi balances her and her roommates introversion with the confident Kurako who pushes all of them into the outside world!

Princess Knight has two omnibus volumes for a complete set and Princess Jellyfish has five omnibus volumes with more to come!