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Do I Have Good Hair?

February 16, 2017

Chris Rock travels around the U.S., and India, to examine black America's obsession with hair.

This movie also delves into the history of black hair on a business and cultural level. Chris Rock visits several salons, a manfacturer that produces hair relaxers, and even India! He interviews black hair stylists, their patrons, and black celebrities about hair and all the work that goes into it. The audience also gets to see the Bronner Brothers Hair Show, which is an international event dedicated hair care and networking. The audience gets to see how the Bronner Brothers Hair Show got started, and the impact it has on black women and their hair salons.
Chris Rock's visit to India was very eye-opening because it is where most human weaves comes from, and how individuals from a different culture feel about other women wear their hair. Plus, many of the Indian women giving up their hair are not necessarily doing it for monetary gain, so it is interesting getting a peek at how some people monetize spiritual practice. There are also several interviews with black celebrities, and non-celebrities about their feelings about their hair, their feelings about their hair, and what goes into making their hair beautiful to them.
I love this film because there is no judgment passed on how black women wear their hair. It simply shows how many black women feel about their hair, the lengths that are gone to in order to get one's hair a certain way, and how much is spent trying to have it a certain way. The film does recognize that many black women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way, and do certain things to their hair in order to be acceptable. However, the overarching message of the film is that black people should not feel ashamed of their natural hair, but they also should not feel bad if they choose to change it. I love this message because black women, especially, hear so much feedback about how our hair is supposed to look that it is nice to see someone with a platform say,"Your look is no one else's business...considering the coins you drop for a sew-in."

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