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Real World Experience at Studio NPL

November 20, 2016
Studio NPL is a fun and engaging space where middle and high school students can begin to create a future.

Fall Fun for Everyone 

Incorporate more variety into your students' after school life this year. With a growing schedule of programs and events, Studio NPL proudly caters to all students. 

Whether a middle or high schooler who wanders in to tinker with the 3-D printer or create a hip-hop beat in one of our state-of-the-art recording suites, or a student who hunkers down to complete a long-term video or design project, the Studio is an inviting and incredibly-staffed makerspace for young people to come after school.  

A Study in Motion and Sound

Take Brooklynne, a junior from Hume-Fogg who's been at work almost daily using Flash and Photoshop to produce animated videos set to some of her favorite songs. It’s been amazing watching the progression of her projects and growing passion for drawing and technology, as she extends what likely began in the classroom manifest even more fully in the Studio. We even see how naturally her work in the Studio links to STEM Standards, which, really, drive all of our programming. 

The Future Starts Now With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)  

Lead Mentor and former Audio/Visual high school teacher, Rebecca Stone, illuminates the Studio’s approach saying, "The great thing about our workshops is that teens are reinforcing skills they learned in the classroom.” She continues by highlighting how the lessons students learn in the Studio can help with job placement. “With hands-on experience operating a camera, building with robotics, or designing 3D objects in Tinkercad or SketchUp, students can enjoy being creative while learning about job placement and how specific skills translate into the job market.”

Studio NPL Comes to You

To enhance our integration of STEM education and continue to engage a wider Nashville community, we enlisted retired science teacher Chris Trawinski who’s been working closely with our mobile labs and mentors to ensure “that the lessons we are introducing for use in the classroom are relevant and meet the standards.”  

 “I love what I see every time I’m in the Studio,” Trawinski says of her time working with students throughout the county.  “Students are so interactive, curious, willing to ask questions, help and support each other, and enjoy what they are doing.”  

To date, the mobile labs have reached over 2,000 students at 31 sites. A librarian at one of the many schools we’ve visited this past year muses, “You have inspired our students to try more and do more. They see themselves as inventors now and are excited about engineering, robotics, and 3D design.”

Find Your Place   

This fall find your inner HOMAGO and come Hang Out, Mess Around, and Geek Out at one of our Studios, from the flagship Main Library location to any of our many branches, or even one of our pop-up mobile labs throughout the county.

Visit our site for more about locations and to stay up-to-date with our programming.