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Keeping Holiday Stress in Check

November 28, 2016

Look for ways to step back from the December madness and give yourself a break

Photo Credit: Kristina Servant on Flickr

The holidays can feel like an endless to-do list of shopping, cooking, hosting, and decorating, not to mention facing crowds, traffic, and constant stimulation. As a result, we experience emotional and financial stress, leaving little room for peace and good cheer. See where you can cut yourself a break this month by letting go of an over-commitment or buying one less extra gift. Check in with yourself often to see where you might be holding stress and tension. When you model this behavior to others during the holidays, you give your friends and family permission to take it easy too. 

December library programs to help your family relax this season

  • Make and Take: Bath Soak (doubles as a gift for someone!)                                             Saturday Dec. 10 at 2pm, Madison
  • Stress Relief Workshop, Saturday Dec. 10 at 10:30am, Green Hills
  • Meditation Class, Thursday Dec. 8 at 6:30pm, Southeast
  • Calming Jars for Teens, Wednesday Dec. 7 at 4:15pm, Edmondson Pike
  • Weekly Gentle Yoga, Tuesdays at 10:15am, Bordeaux, Madison, Edmondson Pike
  • Free chair massages in December at surprise branch locations and dates!

For more information about mindfulness and stress reduction, check out our previous blog post with suggested library materials.