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Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

September 8, 2016

WARNING: Limit water intake during viewing as accidents may occur due to sudden and intense laughter.


I love this show. I’ve talked about it on the Popmatic Podcast (which you should totally be listening to btw), but I have yet to share it with my Off the Shelf friends. I don’t know what it is about this show that is so appealing, but it is probably my second-favorite show on TV right now – sorry, but no one beats The Big Bang Theory.
I liked Andy Samberg when he was on Saturday Night Live, and I usually found his videos hilarious. Somehow Samberg translated that hilarity into a cop show. When I first saw the previews for the show, I thought, “Pshaw. That looks stupid. It’ll never last.”  I figured it would be all prat falls all the time. Stupid right? So I didn’t watch. But when the library got the DVD of Season One, I was intrigued so I checked it out. 
I was hooked by episode three. Jake Peralta might be a bungler, but he’s still a smart cop and still knows how to catch the bad guys. Now, here we are a few years later, and I just finished watching Season Three. If possible, it’s funnier than the previous seasons. The cast, which besides Samberg features Joe Lo Truglio, Terry Crews and Andre Braugher, has really found a nice balance and managed to avoid becoming caricatures of themselves. My favorite episodes were “The Swedes” and “9 Days” – the latter of which would have had me rolling on the floor if I hadn’t been sitting in such a solid chair.
It looks like the fourth season on Brooklyn Nine-Nine begins on September 20, but I doubt that I’ll watch it live. Instead, I’ll be counting down the days until the library gets Season Four on DVD so that I can watch 14 episodes at a time.

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