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Studio NPL Summer in Review

August 15, 2016

Art and music production camps, daily 3D design and robotics, and a whole lot of what Studio NPL calls HOMAGO: Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out.

Studio NPL Summer in Review

While school may have been out this summer, here at Studio NPL, the downtown space where teens can work on music, art, and hone design and tech skills, we've been in. No summer slide here.

From 3D printed engine parts and keychains to hip hop beats and fully realized songs pumping out of our pro audio suites, the Studio turned out some amazing projects the past few months that reflect the paradigm here: Hang out, mess around, geek out.

In addition to the regular daily activity in the Studio, which may include a student wandering in to sit down at a keyboard and Macbook to make music in Logic or record a trumpet solo in one of the recording rooms -- yes, that’s happened here -- a number of community programs utilized the space to host workshops.

Audio Production and Performance Camp

For the second year in a row we hosted Southern Word, whose week-long audio production and performance camp saw nearly 60 students from schools around the city pour in to the studio and make beats and craft songs that culminated in an amazing afternoon of performances that utilized the Studio's flexible performance space.

Speaking to that week, Southern Word founder Ben Smith says, “We wanted to create a self-directed teen environment where mentors can provide youth with the skills necessary to collaborate with other teen artists and complete music projects that align with their passions.”

Artist in Residence: Modular Pods

In our continuing Artist in Residence series, we welcomed local artist and craft hero Tony Youngblood, who, alongside Studio Mentor Emily Sue Laird, guided students in fashioning the Oz Arts-inspired modular pods.

Take a listen to a number of student artists and PodCraft attendees discuss the event.

Copper Panel Repoussé Workshop

The Artist in Residence and public show that followed built on last year's success when the Studio collaborated with metal sculpture artist Jamaal B. Sheats, who taught a copper workshop for middle and high school students at the YMCA’s Eastside Y-CAP location. Sheats, who was mentored by Gregory Ridley, the artist responsible for the copper panels in the Grand Reading Room, coached kids as they banged away at copper that was recycled from the library itself to create repoussé portraits and landscapes.

Get Involved at Studio NPL

This fall will follow suit with more programming, including textiles and game design workshops, podcasting, and, of course more music, all brought to you by the Studio and studio mentors, as well as free writing and spoken word workshops from SLANT and Southern Word. So, no need to wait until next summer to get involved with Studio NPL. Whether getting out to the flagship downtown spot or of its many other iterations throughout the county, come on over and make something with us.  

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