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TV Series Review: The Fall, Series 1

January 10, 2014

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is called away from London to  review the handling of a murder investigation led by police in Northern Ireland. Gibson quickly finds procedural mistakes, and evidence that another recent murder may make this the work of a serial killer. When yet another victim is discovered, Gibson is put in charge of the investigation.

The Fall is not a whodunnit. From the very first episode you know who is doing the killing. Irish actor Jamie Dornan portrays Paul Spector – a married father of two, who works part-time as a grief counselor and full-time as a murdering psychopath. An interesting subplot in The Fall involves corruption on the police force, which ends (slight spoiler here) in a very shocking scene at the precinct. . . . And since this series is set in Belfast, the past political tensions of Northern Ireland are a subtext to the unfolding events.
Fans of Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison in TV series Prime Suspect will especially be interested in The Fall. And for those who are waiting for the Fifty Shades of Grey film,  you’ll want to watch Jamie Dornan in The Fall to experience his potential to play that troubled, dark character Christian Grey.
So check out The Fall, and lets talk after you see the finale! Season 2 is scheduled to begin filming in February.
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Crystal Deane is a librarian in the Popular Materials Department. She likes mysteries, cookbooks, and cats. She dislikes spoilers, and won't include any in her reviews.