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Popmatic Podcast for March 16, 2016: I Don’t Want to Grow Up

By , March 16, 2016

Attack of the Fluffy BunniesThere’s a new Pee-wee Herman movie coming out so on this show we talk about kids stuff that is also great for adults. Appropriately enough, Klem-Mari from Bringing Books to Life joins us to share some kids books that will also tickle the fancy of grown ups. Hurricane Amanda continues her series on the best weather books. All this and this and more on this week’s episode of the Popmatic Podcast.


Where’s Waldo by Martin Handford

The Witches by Roald Dahl illustrated by Quentin Blake

Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies by Andrea Beaty

Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad by Mark Kistler

Bringing Books to Life’s book picks

Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley

Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales

Viva Frida by Yuyi Morales

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

the works of Mo Willems

the works of Jon Scieszka


Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Svenghouli on MeTV

Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy by Katherine Miles

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers comics


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

Popmatic Podcast for March 9, 2016: March Weather Madness

By , March 9, 2016

Key LargoMarch means floods and tornadoes. This episode is a whirlwind. Get it. We were pretty much flung off course right from the beginning. I apologize to Mike Love and Beach Boys fans everywhere. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this month.


Be prepared for severe weather.

Roar of the Heavens by Stefan Bechtel

Key Largo

Dorothea Lange: The Heart and Mind of a Photographer by Pierre Borhan

Dorothea Lange: Life Through the Camera by Milton Meltzer

Dorothea Lange: Life in Pictures by Laura Baskes Litwin

2010 Flood Digital History Project

Excerpt from Matt Pylkas’ oral history interview

Jeff Lynne writes a ton of weather songs:

“Loredo Tornado” from Eldorado by Electric Light Orchestra

“Above the Clouds” from A New World Record by Electric Light Orchestra

“Summer and Lightning” from Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra

“Standin’ in the Rain” from Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra

“Mr. Blue Skies” from Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra

“Stormy Weather” from Armchair Theatre by Jeff Lynne


Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine

Outcast Season series by Rachel Caine

Hardcore Henry

Cool Hand Luke starring George Kennedy

Fuller House

The Song Machine by John Seabrook


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

DVD Review: Great Courses Meteorology

By , March 8, 2016

Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather
From Great Courses

March marks the beginning of spring, so it’s only natural that a young girl’s thoughts turn to…yup, you guessed it…severe weather. Tennessee’s official Severe Weather Awareness week happened from February 28 to March 5, but if you missed it, don’t fret. Nashville Public Library has lots of severe weather materials to get you informed before Mother Nature gets cranky.

My favorite weather items to read are books about tornados. While these are entertaining after the fact, they won’t do much to educate about what exactly causes the windy spirals and why forecasters can’t always predict their occurrence. But recently the library ordered a new Great Courses series called Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather. This is a four disc set, plus a digital course workbook that includes 24, half-hour lessons on weather. Topics range from basic discussions about the atmosphere to wind to lightning to the actual ability of forecasters to predict future weather.

The class is taught by Robert G. Fovell, who initially looks like snobby, know-it-all professor who flunks everyone just because he can. But as the series goes on, I really started to like him. He’s funny and he not only knows his subject matter, but he attempts to make it comprehensible for those of us who don’t have advanced degrees in mathematics or fluid dynamics. At one point I considered being a meteorologist, but then I found out that they had to know all that hard stuff, like calculus, and I’ve never been the biggest fan of math. I CAN do it, I simply CHOOSE not to.

I’m still working through the set, and I thought this might be something that would not have the biggest demand so I’d be able to renew it. But shock upon shock, there is currently a holds list for this item. Way to go Weather Nerds! I promise to be responsible and share this as soon as my time is up (but I might have to put myself back in line for it and go again!)

If you don’t want to wait for your turn with this set, you can check out all my other weather-related recommendations on the Popmatic Podcast. I christened this whole month “March Weather Madness” and there is something for everyone – hurricanes, tornadoes, and Al Roker (be not afraid…). Be sure to tune in to tomorrow’s episode (March 9) when I make all the guys celebrate weather with me (and no one mentions a comic book!)

Happy weather watching…

:) Amanda

Popmatic Podcast for March 2, 2016: Alan Rickman, Always

By , March 2, 2016

Galaxy QuestFrom Severus Snape, to Hans Gruber, to Eamon de Valera (sure, Bryan), Alan Rickman was an actor we can never forget. Yes, we know the Oscars happened, but we recorded this last week. Besides, did Alan Rickman ever get one? So on this episode we pay tribute to Mr. Rickman. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week. Got some favorite Rickman roles? Leave your picks in the comments.


Die Hard


CBGB’s: Thirty Years from the Home of Underground Rock

Punk: The Best of Punk Magazine

Love Actually

Galaxy Quest

Harry Potter films


Storm of the Century by Al Roker


The American Friend

Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror

So Tonight That I Might See by Mazzy Star CD | Hoopla


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

Book Review: The Story of Ruth

By , February 23, 2016

The Story of Ruth: Twelve Moments in Every Woman’s Life
By Joan Chittister, Artwork by John August Swanson

I have always liked the Book of Ruth. It is one of my favorite books of the Bible. In fact, when we got married, my husband and I asked our minister to use the Book of Ruth as source material for his homily. I also enjoy artwork that tells a story, so when I saw this book sitting on the new shelf at the Main Library, it was in my hands before my brain even registered what was happening.

Initially, the book began life because artist John August Swanson had decided to do some very Byzantinesque panels depicting the story of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. Then as they were going through the printing process, he asked Joan Chittister to add some commentary about the meaning of Ruth’s story.

As detailed and colorful as Swanson’s artwork is, it was not what pulled me into the story. I have never been a big fan of Byzantine artwork. It just leaves me flat (get it…). Instead,it was Chittister’s words that made this book so powerful for me. Chittister is a bit more of a feminist than I am, and her words obviously slant that way, but with a story about two, isolated but determined women succeeding in a male dominated society, that’s ok. Her words are insightful and, to a certain extent, prophetic. I found myself nodding as I was reading along. I’m always looking for great Biblical commentaries and this one definitely fit the bill.

Chittister and Swanson divide their book up into twelve short sections. You can read a different section each day and get different insights about the lives of Naomi and Ruth. If you are looking for something moving to read during this Lenten season, I highly recommend The Story of Ruth.

Happy reading…

:) Amanda

Popmatic Podcast for February 17, 2016: Year of the Monkey

By , February 17, 2016

Last Train HomeWe’re right in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s the Year of the Monkey. The Popmatic crew talks about it’s favorite Chinese books, movies and mu… okay, just books and movies. And some of these are Chinese in name only, but at least it is not as bad as the Oktoberfest episode where one team member refused to talk about theme because they hated beer so much. What did that team member choose to talk about for our Chinese New Year episode? Howard the Duck.


Last Train Home

Tao Lin

Ed Lin

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Man with Compound Eyes by Wu Ming-Yi

Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu

the novels of Mo Yan

the novels of Gao Xingjian

Brokeback Mountain directed by Ang Lee

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The Joy Luck Club

Five Chinese Brothers by Claire Huchet Bishop & Kurt Wiese

Howard the Duck: What the Duck? by Chip Zdarsky


Puke Force by Brian Chippendale

The Very Best of Bob and Ray CD | Hoopla | Overdrive

Hotel Transylvania 2

Formation” by Beyoncé directed by Melina Matsoukas

Magic Mike XXL


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

Popmatic Podcast for February 10, 2016: Love Is in the Air

By , February 10, 2016

See Jane ScoreNothing says Valentine’s Day like hockey and horror movies. It’s a categorical bromance between podcast rivals Bryan and Mike. You will learn what “schmoopy” means. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this month.


Chinooks Hockey Team series by Rachel Gibson

The Tamarind Seed


Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

schmoopy defined Urban Dictionary | Wiktionary



Bone Tomahawk

The Story of My Teeth

Jesus’ Son

Weird Love: You Know You Want It edited by Clizia Gussoni & Craig Yoe


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

Book Review: Barbarian Days

By , February 9, 2016

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life
By William Finnegan

I’m not a surfer. Nor am I a surf-writer. But I’ve decided that I am a surf-reader-abouter. For some reason I love reading books (and watching movies) about surfing. It’s such a beautiful, elegant sport that could totally kill you if you’re not smart and careful. Good surf books, though, can be hard to come by. They tend to hide from me and then jump out when I’m least expecting them. Recently a new surf book landed on my desk. I’ve never heard of William Finnegan as a surfer, but his book Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life seemed like something I had to check out.

With his father working on TV shows and movies, Finnegan and family bounced back and forth between Hawaii and California, depending on his dad’s shooting schedule. Between moves, Finnegan learned how to surf on some great waves. In the sixties, when he was a kid, surfing was just starting to find a new surge in popularity. It wasn’t the overly-sponsored corporate clog that it has become. There were still waves to find that were pristine and rideable. As a teenager, the author lived near some of the best breaks in the world, including Rincon and Honolua Bay.

During college, Finnegan and a buddy set out on a round the world surf trip – a la Endless Summer – that would last several years. Some of the unknown waves they surfed in the 70s and 80s are must-surfs for today’s elite. My favorite aspect of Finnegan’s trip was that he wasn’t just out looking for a monster wave to ride and conquer, like some of the books I’ve read. He was simply exploring great waves sites and letting Mother Nature do her thing.

This book was really dense and even though I’m a fast reader, it took me a couple of weeks to plow through. It wasn’t quite a double wave hold down, but there were times I definitely had to come up for air. Finnegan totally immerses you in the world he grew up in and chose to chase for the better part of his adult life. I found that I missed his voice in my head when I wasn’t reading – I wanted more surf stories. If I had the money and time (and was better at “roughing it”), it would be fun to travel and see some of his waves. Not surf them, mind you, because I have zero skill at that. But I think that waves are beautiful and these sound like something that would be very worth seeing. And like the author, I didn’t want it to end.

Happy surfing (or surf-reading-about)…

:) Amanda

Popmatic Podcast for February 3, 2016: African American History Month

By , February 3, 2016

A Rage in Harlem by Chester HimesFebruary is African American History Month. The library goes all out with a (puppet?) truck load of events. The Popmatic crew tells you about some of their favorite Black artists. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.


A Rage in Harlem by Chester Himes

Yesterday Will Make You Cry by Chester Himes

Dear White People

The Wiz Live!

The Wiz

The Wiz original soundtrack

The Night of the Living Dead (DVD | Hoopla | Internet Archive) starring Duane Jones

Birth of the Living Dead

Our Story Matters Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

My Face is Black is True : Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-slave Reparations by Mary Frances Berry

clip at the beginning:
James Baldwin on the artist’s struggle for integrity

clip at the end:
Duane Jones on his role as Ben in Night of the Living Dead


Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff

Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads by Paul Theroux

Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle

Ratchet by Shamir

Mighty Real: Greatest Dance Hits by Slyvester

Complete Lady Snowblood


After the Wind by Louis W. Kasischke


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

Popmatic Podcast for January 27, 2016: We Just Make This Stuff Up

By , January 27, 2016

Furious 7Nashville Improv is coming to Main Library on January 30th at 2pm. In honor of their show, we embarrass ourselves for your amusement by improvising this entire episode. Upping the chaos factor, we recorded this the morning of the winter storm. Maximum bumble death match. What does this have to do with Furious 7? You’ll have to listen to find out. Big thanks to Jesse for providing our improv queues. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.


The Fast & the Furious

Star Trek Beyond

The Great Gatsby soundtrack

Third Man Records

Bryce McCloud of Isle of Printing

Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

Kinsey Millhone series by Sue Grafton

In Death series by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts

Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Hild by Nicola Griffith

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Discworld by Terry Pratchett

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series by Fritz Leiber

Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente


The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

King Lear at Belmont

Magic Mike


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

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