Popmatic Podcast September 2013: Fashionable Reading

By , September 9, 2013

We wanted to get Karen back on the show so we decided to talk about fashion, and though the tag line says “fashionable reading” it probably should say “fashionable watching” because we mostly talk about movies. Besides, it is “Mercedes-Benz” Fashion Week. We throw in some Banned Books Week and Tickle My Fancy.


Steampunk Fashion by Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe

The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer

Lady Vadore (female steampunk Darth Vader cosplay – that’s her pic up top)


Vivienne Westwood’s anti-Jubilee t-shirt

The Big Lebowski  DVD

The Big Lebowski by Joel & Ethen Cohen (screenplay)

The Big Lebowski: The Making of a Coen Brothers Film by William Robertson & Tricia Cooke

I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You by Bill Green




A Single Man

Doctor Zhivago (Keira Knightley version)


Librarian Wardrobe


Season 4 of Downton Abbey – catch up on the other seasons!

Grand Theft Auto 5

Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music by S. Alexander Reed

Hard Case Crime’s John Lang (aka Michael Crichton) reissues

Cutthroat Kitchen


4 Responses to “Popmatic Podcast September 2013: Fashionable Reading”

  1. Parachute pants says:

    Great podcast on fashion! From steampunk, to plain ole punk, Madonna to the Dude, ya’ll make me want to hunt out my legwarmers, jelly shoes, and my Frankie say RELAX t-shirt. Long live the 80′s! Librarians are the best dressers, especially while rockin sensible shoes.

  2. Bryan says:

    Costume designers on the movies we spoke about:

    Jubilee – Dave Henderson and Christopher Hobbs

    The Big Lebowski – Mary Zophres

    Flashdance – Michael Kaplan

    Fame – Kristi Zea

    Frida – Maria de Jesus Luna and Javier Delgado (These are the first billed. Thirteen others have costuming credits according to IMDB.)

    A Single Man – Arianne Phillips

    Doctor Zhivago – Annie Symons

    Cruising – Robert de Mora

    Downton Abbey – Susannah Buxton, Rosalind Ebbutt, and Caroline McCall

    Funny we didn’t mention those.

  3. Phil K. says:

    I just saw the Flashdance soundtrack when withdrawing items with low circulation. Fear not, this Giorgio Moroder scored work will be available, along with other gems at the Madison Branch Booksale on 11/14 & 11/16!
    Nice podcast. How does Bill store all of that movie information in his mind?! It amazes me sometimes, as does Bryan’s grip on all things industrial, from APB (Scottish funk!) to Throbbing Gristle.

  4. Phil K. says:

    Karen – Good recollection about the Michael Jackson Thriller era red jacket!
    When I lived in Buffalo I recall seeing an ocassional wearer of one of these. I also can recall the “Members Only” jacket -a flimsy poly/leatherette jacket (usually grey) with an short, upright collar and a front pocket (for cigarettes!) with the small, all important label on the pocket. A mid-80′s staple, I believe.

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