Popmatic Podcast May 2013: Don’t Worry Wendy

By , May 4, 2013

The Popmatic crew bravely asks if a work about a work can be as good or better than the original work. Confused? So were we! Plus, what is tickling our fancy this month? We tell you that too.


The Shining

Room 237



Burden of Dreams

A Christmas Story


Castle by Richard Castle

Heat Wave by Richard Castle (first in the Nikki Heat series)

Storm Surge by Richard Castle (all three Derrick Storm novellas in one ebook)

Making Rumours by Ken Caillat & Steven Stiefel

Salvation on Sand Mountain by Dennis Covington

Twenty Jazz Funk Greats by Throbbing Gristle

20 Jazz Funk Greats by Drew Daniel

33 1/3 series

Stone Reader

The Stones of Summer by Dow Mossman

Rob Ager‘s YouTube channels: robag88 & robag555

Kubrick Boxes directed by Jon Ronson

Colour Me Kubrick

Eyes Wide Open by Frederic Raphael


The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber

The Kane Show


Alex Cox Kickstarter for Bill the Galactic Hero film


3 Responses to “Popmatic Podcast May 2013: Don’t Worry Wendy”

  1. Phil K. says:

    No shout out to me? I may be an original listener…(I’m hurt)
    Nice ‘cast – all over the map. I’ve always liked the 33 &1/3 series – although it can be hit or miss (I recall the Zoso Led Zeppelin one being really great as well as the one on Kid A; but others that I expected more from didn’t tickle my fancy i.e. Rem’s Murmur and Patti Smith’s Horses, if I recall correctly). Really glad this series is ongoing!
    Bryan, I seriously think you could do a fantastic one yourself on your favorite industrial/noise/avant jazz/acid house recording or maybe a Black Dice CD. Lay the fundamentals and go off on an extended, educational mind blast!

  2. Librarian Bryan says:

    Thank you Phil for your continued support. I too have been disappointed in a few of the 33 1/3 entries. They can be hit or miss. These are a few of the more interesting ones whose appeal transcends just fans of the album: Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste” by Carl Wilson, wherein Wilson, who hates Celine Dion, attempts to figure out why other people like what they like, or Meat is Murder by Joe Pernice, a novella about troubled student who is a fan of the album in question.

    I’m flattered you think I could do one too.

    • Phil K. says:

      Actually I gave Horses a 4 star rating on Goodreads so that one was definitely worth reading. I see you weren’t thrilled with Wild which I’m almost through with. It’s no Walk in the Woods but has held my interest so far…

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