Popmatic Podcast for April 6, 2016: Poetry Bomb

By , April 6, 2016

Diary by John CageHistorically, our poetry episodes have been zany and this week’s show is no exception. I’ll leave it at that. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.


30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Poetry Writing Workshop at Main Library

poetry from Third Man Books

Diary: How to Improve the World (You’ll Only Make It Worse) by John Cage

The Complete Poems of Stephen Crane

New Times by Violent Femmes

Permanent Record by Violent Femmes

Da Doo Ron Ron” by The Crystals

The Essential Britney Spears

Low by David Bowie


Star Wars: Headspace CD | Hoopla

Music Inspired by Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk by Meco

Tournament of Books

The Tzar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th

The Incantations of Daniel Johnston by Ricardo Cavolo & Scott Mcclanahan


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

2 Responses to “Popmatic Podcast for April 6, 2016: Poetry Bomb”

  1. scottmcclanahan says:

    I really like your podcast. I’d like to send a copy of The Sarah Book to the guy who is always nice enough to talk about stuff on the show. It’ll come out in late 2016. He can email scottmcclanahan@hotmail.com

    • scottmcclanahan says:

      “My stuff” rather. Sorry I don’t have a computer so I’m always typing poorly on a phone

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