New Year’s Images of Old

By , December 27, 2013

While digging for some articles about New Year’s Day in the Main library’s periodicals collection, I came across some wonderful New Year’s Saturday Evening Post covers by American illustrator J.C. Leyendecker.

Baby New Year and Crystal Ball
January 4, 1936

Baby New Year Celebrates
January 2, 1937













Leyendecker’s work pre-dated and was a major influence on the art of Norman Rockwell; he actually created over 300 covers for the Saturday Evening Post in addition to covers for other popular magazines, advertisements for well-known products (like Arrow shirts, Ivory soap, and Kellogg’s), and military recruitment posters supporting our country’s war efforts.

Baby New Year at Forge
January 1, 1938

New Year and Warring Fist
January 4, 1941













Leyendecker has been credited with creating the iconic images we now associate with many of our holidays including the New Year’s baby, designed for a series of Saturday Evening Post covers beginning in the 1920s.  His final New Year’s baby cover (pictured below) – from the January 2, 1943 issue –  was also his last cover for the Saturday Evening Post, ending many years of association with the magazine.  You can learn more about J.C. Leyendecker and see a gallery of his Saturday Evening Post cover illustrations here.

No Trespassing
January 3, 1942

Baby New Year at War
January 2, 1943













Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this look back at some images from New Years of old.  Check out these books for more information on The Saturday Evening Post and its illustrators, like J.C. Leyendecker:

When you’re finished with the old New Year, check out this list of Non-Fiction titles that may interest you in the coming New Year of 2014:

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  1. NYE says:

    Thank you Amy, for highlighting those great illustrations! I was lucky enough to get that Test Kitchen cookbook as a gift – it’s amazing!!!!!

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