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Legends of Film: Bud Smith

By , August 29, 2014

During this episode we talk to film editor Bud Smith.  Mr. Smith’s editing credits include The Exorcist, Flashdance, and this month’s Movies @ Main feature Sorcerer.   Smith discusses the making of Sorcerer, why the original version of The Exorcist is much better than the extended directors cut, and how to edit an X-rated movie to make it an R-rated movie.  See Sorcerer on the big screen Saturday September 13, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. at the Main Library, downtown.  All are welcome – no tickets required…

Popmatic Podcast August 27th, 2014: Dog Days

By , August 27, 2014

Sinners on TourThe dog days of summer are hot. Hot like four nerds sitting in a room talking about books. We tell you about the hottest books, movies and music. Things keep sizzling in the tickle my fancy segment.


Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning

Dog Day Afternoon

The Dog trailer

Virtual Unrealities by Alfred Bester featuring the story “Fondly Fahrenheit”

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 Disc 2 featuring the episode “Shopping for Death”

“Validating Ray Bradbury: Climate change and high temps linked to violent behavior”

FKA twigs on YouTube


Inside the Actors Studio: Robin Williams

Stardust Drive-In Theatre

What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton

John Oliver Terrifying Times [extended & uncensored]

Stories We Tell directed by Sarah Polley


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Emily Giffin – The One and Only

By , August 23, 2014

Emily Giffin discusses her latest book, The One and Only. In Giffin’s words, The One & Only is a story about love and friendship set against the backdrop of Texas football.  This author talk was recorded June 9, 2014. Emily Giffin appeared as part of the continuing Salon@615 author series.

Learn more about Salon@615 and view upcoming author visits at  salonat615.org

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Popmatic Podcast August 20th, 2014: Summer Challenge FTW

By , August 20, 2014

The Fever by Megan AbbottThe crew recaps the best stuff they read, watched or accidentally broke during Summer Challenge. Half way through Bryan starts calling it “summer reading” again. It’s hard to teach an old library dog new library dog tricks. We take a minute to remember Robin Williams.


The Proud Highway: the Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967 by Hunter S. Thompson

Footloose American: Following the Hunter S. Thompson Trail Across South America by Brian Kevin

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

The Fever by Megan Abbott

Dark Family: V.C. Andrews and the Secret Life of Little Girls” by Megan Abbott & Sara Gran

Sudden Sea by R.A. Scotti

Therapy Horses of Gentle Carousel

Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz


Dead Poets Society


Mork & Mindy

Marc Maron’s interview with Robin Williams

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

Singles by Future Islands

“Doves” (Vince Clark remix) by Future Islands

Kevin Pollock’s Chat Show

Mandatory Fun by Weird Al Yankovic

Dungeons & Dragons “5th Edition”


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Family Folk Tales: The Un-Looked For Prince

By , August 16, 2014

The Unlooked-For Prince – A king makes a bad bargain, and loses his son. Will the prince escape the evil that awaits him?

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Popmatic Podcast August 13th, 2014: Ca$hville and the Bard

By , August 13, 2014

Asimov's Guide to ShakespeareShakespeare in the Park‘s performances of As You Like It start this week. We recommend the best 16th century literature you can get from the library. Just kidding. We mostly talk about movies. Movies you can get from the library. And what is tickling our fancy this month. What’s the mystery play at the end? Leave your guesses in the comments.


Romeo + Juliet

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon: The Biography

BBC’s Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare on DVD

Arkangel complete Shakespeare on CD

Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare

Shakespeare for Dummies

Theatre of Blood

Hamlet starring Ethan Hawk

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

Does the dog die?

Macbeth directed by Roman Polanski


Terminator the Second


White Heat

L.A. Noire trailer

A Most Wanted Man

Cooking for Geeks



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Popmatic Podcast August 6th, 2014: Romance Caledonia Style

By , August 6, 2014

To celebrate the release of Outlander the miniseries we dig all things Scottish. Bad accents ensue. Surprisingly, no bagpipes. I repeat – no bagpipes.


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

watch the first episode of Outlander

Scottish independence referendum

Waverley by Walter Scott

American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson

Denise Mina

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Book 1 graphic novel by Denise Mina

Christopher Brookmyre

Stuart MacBride

Val McDermid

Ian Rankin

Shakespeare’s Macbeth performed by Alan Cumming

I Bought a Blue Car Today by Alan Cumming CD | Hoopla

Flashman: from the Flashman Papers, 1839-1842 by George MacDonald Fraser

Royal Flash

In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks

Seduction of a Highland Lass by Maya Banks

Never Love a Highlander by Maya Banks

The Anderson Tapes

The Man Who Would be King

A Fine Madness


Horns trailer

Sons of Wichita by Daniel Schulman

Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeil

Rodizio Grill

To Conquer Hell: the Meuse-Argonne, 1918 by Edward G. Lengel

Snowpiercer DVD

Snowpiercer 1: The Escape graphic novel by Jacques Lob

Snowpiercer 2: The Explorers graphic novel by Benjamin Legrand


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Popmatic Podcast July 30, 2014: The Oxymoronic Masochistic Phenomena of Having a Favorite Dystopia

By , July 30, 2014

Dystopias have a literary cachet as of late. We run down the our favorite dystopias, old and new. We say we love big brother but we never mention 1984. If you think about it, having a favorite dystopia is bittersweet. But there is nothing bitter about the tickle my fancy segment. The tickle my fancy segment is pure sugar.


The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver film trailer

Snowpiercer trailer

Marco Beltrami

Off the Shelf book list: Contemporary Dystopias

Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

On Such a Full Sea by Chang-rae Lee

For the Win by Cory Doctorow

Alpha Centuri or Die! by Leigh Brackett

Logan’s Run by William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson

I am Legend by Richard Matheson

Children of Men by P.D. James

The Lottery tv show

Children of Men directed by Alfonso Cuarón

The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age by Astra Taylor

Page One: Inside the New York Times


OZ art space

Master Chef

Billy Bob Thorton’s dystopia is Cupcake Wars.

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

Shadowrun Returns video game

Shadowrun 5th Edition tabletop role playing game


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

David Baldacci – The Finisher

By , July 26, 2014

David Baldacci discusses The Finisher, his first fantasy novel for young readers. This author talk was recorded July 10, 2014. David Baldacci appeared as part of the continuing Salon@615 author series.

Learn more about Salon@615 and view upcoming author visits at  salonat615.org

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Popmatic Podcast July 23, 2014: The Fault in Our Social Media Stars

By , July 23, 2014

Neil GaimanJohn Green made himself famous by using social media (and by writing great books). We clue you in on the best authors and musicians who are active on the interwebs: who’s real, who’s funny, who’s fake, who’s a train wreck, etc. Be sure to put your faves in the comments. And what is tickling our fancy this month. The team convinces me not to talk about copyright.


John Green at NPL

John Green on twitter

John Green on youtube

Neil Gaiman at NPL

Neil Gaiman’s blog

Neil Gaiman on twitter

Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming” by Neil Gaiman

Mother, Wife, Sister, Human, Warrior, Falcon, Yardstick, Turban, Cabbage by Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney on twitter

George Takei at NPL

George Takei on twitter

George Takei on facebook

Try! Live in Concert by John Mayer Trio

John Mayer’s whole catalog on Freegal

John Mayer on twitter

Cherie Priest at NPL

Cherie Priest’s blog

Cherie Priest on twitter

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Amanda Palmer on twitter

Moz is not on twitter.

Kanye New Yorker tweets

Josh Groban sings Kanye tweets

Nick Offerman reads tweets from young female celebrities.

Celebrities read mean tweets about themselves.


Bao Down Nashville food truck

Night Time is the Right Time” performed by Ray Charles

Cosby Show Season 2 Episode 3 “Happy Anniversary”


Forever For Now by LP

Live on the Green

War by Sebastian Junger

Bettie Page Reveals All

The Notorious Bettie Page


Transcripts of the show are available upon request.

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