Book review: Visit Sunny Chernobyl

By , June 15, 2013

Visit Sunny Chernobyl
By Andrew Blackwell

It’s summertime and vacations abound. Some folks choose Disney or the Grand Canyon while others choose more unique destinations. See Sarah Vowell and her field trip to Dead President Land in Assassination Vacation.  Or Jake Helpern and his dispatches from death-defying destinations in Braving Home.

But I think that Andrew Blackwell takes the cake with his first release. I suppose if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet, there are probably not a lot of tourist lines at the Chernobyl power plant. Or at a coal mine in Linfen. Or in the middle of the ocean at the world’s largest trash dump.

I can’t imagine purposely travelling to some of the world’s most toxic locations voluntarily, but that’s what the author did. And he seemed to enjoy it. (And he’s still with us, for the record.) It’s amazing how blase the local residents are with the effects on their health. Most of them just shrug and go about their business. Amazing…

This book is dense and can be somewhat depressing, but overall it’s an engaging read. Did it make me want to travel to these places? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Was I entertained by the crazy guy who did? Yep.

Happy reading…and don’t forget to bring your hazmat suit.

:) Amanda

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