Book Review: Cheryl Strayed and Tiny Beautiful Things

By , April 13, 2013

Tiny Beautful Things
By Cheryl Strayed

Like everyone else in the reading world, I picked up Wild on the recommendation of a friend (Crystal, not Oprah). But…I didn’t like it (sigh). Something about Strayed bugged me, plus it made my feet hurt. So I was a little skeptical when another friend (Laurie this time, still not Oprah) recommended Strayed’s advice book instead. Since I could get it from NPL in ebook form, I figured why not?

This book is a compilation of Dear Sugar columns from Strayed answered readers’ letters anonymously as Dear Sugar. I’ve never been much for advice columns mostly I don’t like other people telling me how to run my life. But something about this book just grabbed me. Maybe it was the heart-wrenchingly honest letters from readers. Or maybe it was Strayed’s pull-no-punches attitude. As Dear Sugar, Strayed often wrote that sometimes life gets rough and either you curl up in a ball or you deal with it.

I must admit that there was the teensiest, tiniest bit of tabloidesque voyeurism (wink) and a there-but-for-the-grace-of-God aspect to Dear Sugar, but that does not cheapen the message. Even if you don’t agree with her politics or theology, anyone would easily be able to feel the love behind the author’s words. If Wild didn’t rock your world, give Dear Sugar a chance.

On April 18th at 6:15, Cheryl Strayed will be speaking at the Nashville Public Library as a part of our Salon@615 series. She is specifically coming to promote Wild, but maybe you or I will be able to get a question in about her Dear Sugar days. See you there!

Happy reading…

:) Amanda

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