Book review: The River of No Return

By , September 26, 2013

The River of No Return

By Bee Ridgway


In 1810, Nicholas Falcott was about to die on the battlefield but instead of dying he jumped through time, traveling two centuries into the future. Upon waking, Nicholas found himself in the care of the Guild, a secret society of time travelers.

Told that he cannot return home, the Guild helps Nicholas start a new life, but help from the Guild came with a price.

Ten years pass, when Nicholas receives a summons from the Guild. They are asking him to do the impossible. To travel back to his own time and back to the family that thinks he is dead, to help the Guild fight their enemies and find the talisman that controls all their fates.


Readers of The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope and The Night Circus will enjoy Bee Ridgway’s quirky first novel The River of No Return.





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  1. Sarah says:

    I read this one and actually really liked it. It reminded me of a mixture between Midnight in Paris and maybe even Pride and Prejudice with the love story part of it. I thought that there were a few holes she left in the plot but the ending sort of panned out well. She also left it open for a sequel, which is what I hear may be in the works. I hope so, cause I still have many questions that need answered.

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