Book review: Ordinary Thunderstorms

By , January 22, 2011

Ordinary ThunderstormsOrdinary Thunderstorms
By William Boyd

Why is it that British guys are the best CD book readers?  Is it their deep, sexy voices or just that cute accent?  Either way, Gideon Emery (the delightfully-voiced reader) definately helped sell this book.

Not that he needed to do too much convincing.  I actually had not read anything else by William Boyd, prior to starting Ordinary Thunderstorms.  But, I came across the audio book version while I was working one day, and for some reason it wanted to come home with me.  Two weeks later and here we are.

The book follows climatologist Adam Ketron through the London streets as his life get flipped upside down after witnessing a murder and is subsequently blamed for it.  Raise your hand if you’ve heard that before?  A little cliched right?

But once you get past that somewhat wimpy beginning the book takes off and twists in some unexpected ways.  Be warned this book is NOT about weather, but it still kept my attention across the entire story.  I’m glad I took a chance on an author I’d never read before. Maybe he has something else that I’ll enjoy just as much…
:) Amanda

2 Responses to “Book review: Ordinary Thunderstorms”

  1. Bryan says:

    Scott Brick! American!

  2. Kyle says:

    Agreed. Scott Brick is fantastic. The voices he comes up with are incredible.

    I submit Bill Bryson as an exceptional audio book narrator.

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