Book Review: Beauty Queens (The Audio)

By , June 1, 2013

Beauty Queens (the audio book)
By Libba Bray (read by Libba Bray)

I have never wanted to read an audio book as much as I wanted to read this one. Not write it. Not just read it for enjoyment. But actually be the one to bring the  characters to life. Libba Bray made it sound like so much fun. Like fer sure, right? :) Sigh.

Anyway, a while back, fellow blogger AJ posted about this book. I must admit that I was intrigued by the cover but turned off by the plot. Beauty queens on a deserted island. Really? I got so frustrated with Lost that I swore I would never again get sucked in. But on the other hand, I really liked Miss Congeniality, so I was torn.

Luckily I went ahead a pulled the trigger because this book is hilarious. Bray’s voices are spot on, if not stereotypical. Especially Taylor Renee Crystal Hawkins, Miss Texas (you totally have to say it like that, ok?). It wouldn’t be a pageant story without someone from Texas.

I will admit that the plot stretches a little in a some places, but you don’t read this book for a great plot. You read this book for the spot-on characters and fun antics. As my dad always says, “You can either analyze it or enjoy it.”

From one pageant girl to another, it’s summer so I say enjoy! This was my first Libba Bray book, but hopefully there will be many, many more.

Happy Summer Reading…

:) Amanda

PS Make sure you listen all the way through the credits because there is a great interview with Libba Bray at the end.



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