Book review: Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

By , September 11, 2015

913YAFmLDXLAlly Hughes Has Sex Sometimes
by Jules Moulin

This may be an unusual way to start a book review, but in a minute you’ll understand why. I would like to acknowledge, celebrate, and applaud all of the single parents out there. Single parents work so hard to care for and raise your children, to work and maintain a home. You deserve all the happiness, good fortune, and moments of relaxation that come your way.

Ally Hughes is a single mom. She got pregnant during her junior year of college, and had her daughter Lizzie, without any support from the father. Ally finished college, completed her PhD, and is now teaching feminist economics at Brown, all while raising her extremely gifted, now ten year old daughter Lizzie. Enter Ally’s chance at happiness and relaxation (and dare I say love?!): Jake Bean, a twenty-one year old student in Ally’s class, who has requested a meeting to discuss his failing grade. Ally not only grants him that passing grade, but hires him to do some chores and repairs that her usual handyman has bailed on.

As Jake works around the house, he and Ally connect, and the romantic tension builds.   When Jake suggests they spend the night together, Ally reminds him she’s 31, he’s 21, AND her student.   Not anymore, he admits. Jake has quit Brown to take his life wherever it leads him. Ally has been so devoted to her daughter and focused on her career for so long… She reluctantly says yes, but only if their time together can remain a secret, and just for the weekend. If you’ve paid attention to the title of this book, you know what happens next.

Fast forward ten years. Ally’s twenty year old daughter Lizzie is pursuing a career in acting, and gets a bit part in a big movie, opposite the handsome A-List co-star Noah Bean. Lizzie invites him to have dinner at her mom’s house. When they arrive, Ally is shocked to find that her daughter’s friend, Noah Bean, is actually Jake Bean, her long-lost lover. Yikes!

Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes is Jules Moulin’s first novel, but if you were a Party of Five and/or The West Wing fan, you’ve experienced her smart, insightful, and witty writing.   Although her first novel isn’t perfect, Moulin’s cast of characters remains fully realized when her plot falls a little short. The love affair between Jake and Ally is as hot as a ghost pepper, but Moulin also brings to life that deep intimacy you expect between two people who are meant to be together. And I haven’t even mentioned the Internet sex-crimes ring that gets a big smackdown!

Ally Hughes would be a great beach read,  or just a great read for when you’re sitting in an easy chair with a cat (in my case) or your beloved toddler asleep in your lap.


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  1. Crystal says:

    She definitely needs a break.

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