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By , May 23, 2013

True to the Letter: 800 Years of Remarkable Correspondence, Documents and Autographs

By Pedro Correa do Lago


In True to the Letter, Pedro Correa do Lago has put together an impressive collection of letters spanning 800 years.  The book flows together seamlessly, showcasing the letters of artists, scientists, royalty, actors, poets, musicians, writers, soldiers, philosophers and clergymen.

The letters are shown in their entirety, some are handwritten, some typed, some illustrated, and some even feature musical scores. Lago also includes a summary of the circumstance in which the letter was written providing a personal glimpse into the letter writer’s world.


Illustrated Letters: Artists and Writers Correspond

Edited by Roselyne de Ayala and Jean-Pierre Gueno


What makes this book so special is the incredible art work that adorns the letters’ pages; from simple doodles to miniature water color paintings, these letters are stunning and inspiring.



Both books are fabulous; one will make you want to write a letter, the other will make you want to illustrate it.


- Karen



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