Popmatic Podcast for November 30, 2016: Party’s (Almost) Over

By , November 30, 2016

After eight years and over 180 episodes Popmatic Podcast is about to call it in. December 21st will be our last episode. To congratulate ourselves for all our hard work, we just talk about whatever we want today. There are no rules. Sarah shows up half way through this episode because no rules. Will a beloved Popmatic stalwart call in from a Florida beach? Were there ever any rules? At the very end of the show, we wax poetic about all our podcast memories. If you are sad faced, be calmed. All of December will be our best of the year episodes. Since we know we are about to get canned, I’m sure they will be bonkers.

Popmatic Podcast for November 16, 2016: Comic Books Rule

By , November 16, 2016

Comic books rule popular culture these days so maybe we should do an episode about them? Yeah, and John Lewis, 2016 Nashville Public Library Foundation Literary Award Winner, chose to write his memoirs in comics form. So we get graphic, literally. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for November 9, 2016: Pumpkin Spicy

By , November 9, 2016

Fall means pumpkin spice so this show is wall to wall p-spice… or wall to wall fall… or, wait Bryan’s back?! I’d love to say this show is off the rails but Popmatic is always a barrel over a waterfall so shut up and chug that latte before we hit bottom. Woooo! Make it a double shot! Plus—what is tickling our facing with week besides using three exclamation points in this blurb.

Popmatic Podcast for November 2, 2016: Election! Election! Election!

By , November 2, 2016

In the words of Mel Brooks, “Politics! Politics! Politics! Politics! Politics!” Make sure you get out and vote November 8th. In the meantime, let us entertain you with light-hearted books about assassinations and crumbling marriages. Seriously, we have a lot of fun on this episode. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

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