Popmatic Podcast for September 28, 2016: Banned Books Week

By , September 28, 2016

It’s Banned Books Week! We tell you about our favorite banned or challenged books. We don’t learn what “nunga-nungas” are. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for September 21, 2016: Wild Wilder Wildest

By , September 21, 2016

Popmatic crew is a bunch of goofballs so on this show we honor the life and legacy of brilliant goofball Gene Wilder. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this month. Good day, sir. I said good day!

Legends of Film: Eric Red

By , September 17, 2016

During this episode we talk to Writer/Director Eric Red.  Mr. Red’s credits include The Hitcher, Near Dark, Cohen and Tate, and the upcoming Movies @ Main feature Body Parts. Mr. Red discusses the making of Body Parts, including serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s special connection to the movie, and shares how he came to write The Hitcher.

Join us for a free screening of Body Parts on Saturday, October 1st, beginning at 2:00 p.m., at the Main Library in the first floor auditorium.

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Popmatic Podcast for September 14, 2016: Hispanic Heritage Month

By , September 14, 2016

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and there will be programs all over the library. We tell you about are favorite books, movies, and music by Hispanic creative types. Amanda has enough machismo to talk about John Leguizamo two years in a row. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this month.

Popmatic Podcast for September 7, 2016: Highest Fantasy

By , September 7, 2016

Seven is a holy number on Game of Thrones and this posts on the seventh day of September which used to be the sev… yeah, whatever, there’s a new Harry Potter book! This show = fantasy. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

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