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By , May 3, 2016

This blog has moved to


The Nashville Public Library blog has moved to This site will no longer be updated, but you can still access the archive.

Visit the new site to see what we’re reading and uncover new titles and read-a-likes. Plus, get recommendations from our weekly round-table discussion, the Popmatic Podcast.


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Popmatic Podcast for August 24: Don’t Blow Your Top

By , August 24, 2016

We’re doing a show about natural history and there is nothing you can do about. Why? Because August 24 is Vesuvius Day. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week besides Sarah returning to Popmatic.

Popmatic Podcast for August 17: Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

By , August 17, 2016

Shakespeare in the Park is full tilt through September. We bite our thumbs at you, metaphorically speaking, of course. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for August 10, 2016: Olympics

By , August 10, 2016

Summer Olympics start this week so we juice up our show with books, movies, and music about all the athletics international. The evil robot claims two more victims forcing Mike to host. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for August 3, 2016: Summer Challenge, Part 4 – Cheat Week

By , August 3, 2016

Summer Challenge summer shmallenge! We told you about the all good, enlightening stuff to read, watch, and listen to. This week is cheat week! We get terribly irresponsible and read, watch, and listen to whatever we want and encourage you do to the same. Welcome to the danger zone! An evil robot, who sounds suspiciously like the previously banned Bryan, eats Jeremy and hosts the show. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for July 27, 2016: Summer Challenge, Part 3 – Spiritual Wellness

By , July 27, 2016

Summer Challenge Part 3! Soothe your soul. Hopefully not with alcohol, but hey, the Popmatic crew are a bunch of cynics. Amanda and an evil robot know the holy highway is filled with beautiful music. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for July 20, 2016: Summer Challenge, Part 2 – Mental Wellness

By , July 20, 2016

Summer Challenge Part Two! Get your head straight. Never underestimate the power of comfort food. There is a live taste test during this episode. I’m proud that only one serial killer is mentioned. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

Popmatic Podcast for July 13, 2016: Summer Challenge, Part 1 – Physical Wellness

By , July 13, 2016

and we’re back. Popmatic is getting into high gear for Summer Challenge. Sign up now! If you don’t know what to read we got you covered. This is the first of four part series about wellness. Though the theme this year is wellness, you can read/do whatever you want for Summer Challenge. We want to get your brain/body from zero to one, from minus to plus, from kaput to kaboom. We recommend bicycling. We don’t recommend drinking one hundred and fifty beers in one sitting. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week besides Bryan being banned from speaking.

Popmatic Podcast for June 29, 2016: Fourth of July Blow Out Sale

By , June 29, 2016

This is the Fourth of July episode! Because we’re bad at our jobs, we don’t mention Hamilton, the Broadway cast recording of which you can stream on Hoopla right now. Because we’re nerds, we begin and end with dead presidents. No, not that Dead Presidents, but again Hoopla, streaming, right now, at least the soundtrack. Because we’re patriotic, we’re taking next week off. Don’t worry. When we come back July 13th, we will kick off a four week Summer Challenge spectacular. I said four week! In the meantime…

Popmatic Podcast for June 22, 2016: LGBTQ Pride

By , June 22, 2016

The Orlando shootings shocked our nation, but so many of us know that love wins. On this show—our favorite LGBTQ themed materials. Nashville Pride Festival is this weekend (June 24-25). The headliner is En Vogue so free your mind and the rest will follow. Plus—what’s tickling our fancy this week besides our community rejecting hatred and celebrating unity.

Popmatic Podcasts for June 15, 2016: You’re Pullin’ My String

By , June 15, 2016

Nashville International Puppet Festival is back! On this show—puppets, duh. Pirates also make an appearance because internet. Plus—what is tickling our fancy this week.

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