The Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA), directed since its inception by John T Edge, documents, studies, and explores the diverse food cultures of the American South. At its core, the SFA is a storytelling organization, based at the University of Mississippi, that uses food narratives to grapple with big issues that have long rankled the South, including racism, gender inequity, class discrimination, and immigrant persecution.

To date SFA has produced more than 100 documentary films and collected nearly 1,000 oral histories. Gravy, the SFA’s combination print quarterly and bi-weekly podcast, brings these rigorous inquiries to popular audiences. To cultivate progress across the South, the SFA makes all of this content available, FREE, to readers, listeners, cooks, eaters, and thinkers at

Little Kurdistan

Just off Nolensville Pike on the southern outskirts of Nashville lies Little Kurdistan—a thriving community of Kurdish immigrants and new generations of Kurdish-Americans.

Counter Histories

Counter Histories connects the protests and demonstrations of today and yesterday, equipping viewers to ask questions about the role of civil disobedience in the face of systemic racism and injustice.

Prince’s Hot Chicken

Meet Andre Prince Jeffries, and learn all about the addictive hot chicken craze in North Nashville. It’s hot, and it’s fried.


“What the Grand Ole Opry did for country music, she has done for Southern food,” wrote Betty Fussell, “spreading the gospel of simple country cooking in a seductive Tennessee voice that has drawn the world to Nashville.”

Fried Pies in Nashville

Mr. Elzy “E.W.” Mayo of Mayo’s Mahalia Jackson Chicken & Fried Pies, in Nashville, made what he called “the world’s best pies.” He didn’t have too much to say about the chicken, so we focused on the other side of the ampersand.