Preschool Literacy Program

Bringing Books to Life! (BBTL) is a preschool literacy program created by the Nashville Public Library together with early childhood educators. Developed around the Library’s literature-based marionette shows, BBTL is committed to promoting a whole-child approach to learning—one that is age appropriate and offered to the widest possible audience. BBTL seeks to foster children’s reading readiness by incorporating tools and activities for teachers, preschool children, and their families.

Program Eligibility

The heart of Bringing Books to Life is the partnership with child care centers, pre-k programs, and preschools.

Any child care center in Davidson County that enrolls children ages 3 to 5 in a full-time preschool or pre-kindergarten program may participate. Child care providers or teachers at participating centers are eligible to receive up to 6 professional development hours.

Literacy Program Components

During the six week on-site program, BBTL staff conduct two teacher workshops on the best practices for developing literacy skills. BBTL staff visit the classroom, lead a story time and provide each child with an art activity that reinforces the literature themes and reading skills. The program ends with a visit from the library’s Puppet Truck and a marionette performance.

Families are invited to enjoy a “Family Literacy Celebration” at a neighborhood branch library complete with singing, storytelling and refreshments.

Teacher Component

  • In-service 1: Introduction to BBTL’s puppet show theme, study of whole-child learning theories and read aloud techniques for preschool children. (90 minutes).
  • In-service 2: Sharing ideas on incorporating literature into all classroom disciplines, demonstrations of appropriate classroom activities, and coaching in applying learned techniques (90 minutes).

Student/Child Component

  • Story time: BBTL staff provide a fun-filled story time in the classroom. Children receive the benefit of a rollicking read-aloud with music and movement—and teachers see read-aloud techniques in action (1 hour).
  • Puppet Truck: The Library’s performing artists present a marionette show at the child care center to enhance BBTL’s literary theme (1 hour).

Family Component

  • Family Literacy Celebration: Families are invited to a branch library for dinner, a family-oriented story time given by BBTL staff, and a celebration of BBTL’s partnership with the child care center. Each family receives books for their home libraries and information on the importance of reading aloud to children. (90 minutes)

Additional Teacher Training Opportunities

Once an initial partnership has been established through the Preschool Literacy Program, centers are eligible to host any other training opportunities we provide.