Additional Teacher Training Opportunities

Bringing Books to Life! offers additional teacher training opportunities for a variety of events: in-service days, conferences, guest lectures, additional staff training and staff retreats. Contact us to schedule a training or for more information.

Math Tells a Story
This workshop shares math concept picture books and activities that are developmentally appropriate and open-ended, helping children’s math learning to soar in the preschool classroom. (1 hour)

I See a Story: Visual Literacy
Pictures are powerful! We will examine how shapes, texture, line and color influence a story, and help students translate messages from some of our greatest picture book artists. (1 -1.5 hours)

Explore, Imagine, Create! Play & Language Development
During creative play, children use more words than at any other time in the classroom. It’s no wonder that playtime is a prime time for exploring language and meaning. Find out how to use simple materials to create language-rich playtime experiences for your children. (1 – 1.5 hours)

Friends with Feelings: Puppet-talking with Children
A puppet is a friend who can help a child identify, understand and verbalize their feelings. When you combine a puppet friend with a book about feelings, you have a great conversation on your hands! (1 hour)

Early Literacy and Story Times
Are you using predictable books? Wordless books? Do you want to hear about exciting new books that teach letters and phonemic awareness? You can find all these great books and more at your local library to help you to teach early literacy skills. (1 hour)

Every Child Ready to Read
Learn research-based practices that can help young children develop skills they need before they learn to read. These practices can easily be integrated into activities throughout the day to help children increase early literacy skills. (1 hour)

Read It Again!
In this workshop, we share techniques for reading aloud that will make your story times in your classroom lively and fun! Be ready for “reading gymnastics!” (1 – 3 hours)

Explore the World! Science Explorations for Family Night
Gather ideas and tools to design a center-inspired family program using literacy or STEM activities that are inspired by the TV show Peep in the Big Wide World. (1 hour)