CATS!: Not Just for Internet Memes Anymore

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Cat with Book

I read many library books in my past life as an student. My cat, Noah, joined in.


People love cats. Or people on the internet, at least. From videos, to memes, blogs, and animated gifs, cats are the subject of choice. In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I am a cat lover: my three year old cat, Noah, is a big, beautiful boy (don’t worry, dog lovers: I like dogs as well, as evidenced by the fact that I ask the owner of every dog I see if I can say hello). As I work in a library, I also love books. It’s only natural that I would seek out books about cats, especially if they are made to share with children. The books below are great for cat lovers of all ages.




One Moon

One Moon, Two Cats is a beautifully illustrated book. What do a city cat and a country cat have in common? They both yawn, stretch, and leap as they hunt mice by the light of the same moon. Their nocturnal wanderings are interrupted by the same storm. Will they make it back to their respective homes? The rhyming text is very simple, making it perfect for sharing and following along. At the same time, its use of verbs like “slink” and “inch,” along with evocative illustrations, gives it a vocabulary building edge.


Cats in this book



I love There are cats in this book! Tiny, Moonpie, and André are three very friendly cats who want to play. Lift the flaps to wake them from their nap, to say hello, and to roll them balls of yarn, toss them pillows, and find their hiding places in cardboard boxes. But watch out for the tidal wave of fish! The flaps and the text, which directly addresses the reader, make this book an interactive experience. Children of all ages, from infancy to preschool and beyond, will enjoy playing with the cats in this book.




I Like Cats is a look at many different types of cats and all the things they can do: curl up in hats, sneak a little snack, or hide in baskets, boxes, or vases. The easy rhyming text makes it a perfect book for reading out loud, or for a beginning reader to work on their reading skills. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and are great fun to pore over. Among my favorite illustrations is a rendition of several cats on several different tables and chairs: coffee tables, end tables, desk chairs and high chairs. As someone who has a cat, I can tell you that cats will lounge on any surface they can land on.


And if you can’t beat them, join them. Find a comfy spot and get lost in a good book, any book, about cats or not.



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