Ritual for a First Book

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Cindee Gold from Book ‘em gave me the following quote as a gift in a reading workshop. The image of the books multiplying in the dark (which does seem to happen at my house) and the idea of the sweetness of learning really stuck with me. I wish I had known this ritual when my own son was small. I would have strewn his book with raisins and almonds and given him a taste of honey while I read this to him.


Love of Learning by Sam Levenson

“Plants did not flourish in our flat, but books did. They grew and multiplied in the dark. They were displayed, dusted, protected, and referred to with reverence. I respected them long before I could read.

My parents told us how in the old country when a child began his education, his first book was strewn with raisins and almonds as a symbol of the sweetness of knowledge. A teaspoon of honey was also placed on the tongue as an additional reminder that learning should always be sweet.”

May all our children find sweetness in learning.

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