Tennessee School Readiness Model

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The Tennessee Children’s Cabinet recently unveiled a school readiness model with the goal of making sure that every child in Tennessee comes to school ready to learn.

You can find out more about this model at kidcentraltn.com.  It’s a simple model with the child at the center (yeah!) surrounded by family, school and community with expectations for each group.

So, what does it mean, as a parent, to help your child be ready for school?

Parents often share with us their concerns, worries and fears that they aren’t doing enough.  “Little Johnny down the block was reading before he went to school…should my child be reading already?” The short answer is NO.  According to the Tennessee School Readiness Model, here is what Tennessee children need to be ready for school from the time they are infants until the age of 5:

Children who are ready for school are healthy physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

  • Children enjoy listening to stories and discussing what happened.
  • Children understand that rules and routines are part of our daily lives.
  • Children ask questions and are curious to find answers and solve problems
  • Children relate well to peers and adults.
  • Children enjoy running, drawing, pretending, climbing and other play activities.

And parents or family members, here are the basic recommendations for you:

  • Family members read to children every day
  • Family members engage children in conversation about their daily activities and encourage them to express themselves.
  • Family members take children to reading and community events at libraries, parks and museums.
  • Parents or guardians schedule regular wellness visits and immunizations for your children, and follow through with recommended action needed.
  • Family members provide healthy foods that promote optimal brain and body development, and limit the consumption of unhealthy foods.
  • Parents or guardians visit kidcentraltn.com for information about child health, education, development and available resources for families.  While you are there, sign the pledge to support school readiness.

The American Library Association recommends five simple activities that family members can do to help every children be ready to read, and they are simple to do in short moments every day:  talking, singing, reading, writing and playing.

As many national studies have shown: engage in activities that help children learn the names and sounds of letters, and read rhyming and poetry books.  But please don’t stop there. Read all kinds of books! Read what you and your child love, and then talk with your child about what you read.

So, come on down to your local library.  We have so many great programs and activities for everyone in the family. Your public library is highly recommended for school readiness!



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