Rabbits in Summer

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Rabbits are ever present in the summertime, and spotting a bunny hopping away across the yard is always a treat for children. It’s a fun time to learn about rabbits and how they live. Two great books to begin with  for preschoolers are Rabbits and Raindrops by Jim Arnosky and Bunny’s Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown. Both books provide a look at rabbits in their natural habitats, and Brown’s focus on sound makes it a great choice for toddlers.

Older children who are ready for more information can read books about animals who live underground such as: Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits  by Gail Gibbons, Under the Ground  by Pascale Bourgoing or Richard Orr’s Nature Cross-SectionsTalk about which animals and insects live under the ground, and what kind of homes they build.

Moisten the sand in a sand table or sandbox (so that it will pack together) and invite your children to dig rabbit burrows in the sand. You might cut sections of plastic buckets or heavy cardboard rolls to build tunnels around, and find some shredded paper for rabbit nesting materials. Find some small toy rabbits that can move into your outdoor burrows, or bring the action inside to make tunnels with blocks and invite your toy bunnies to move in!

For child-sized dramatic play, make rabbit burrows with large boxes or fabric draped over chairs, and bring in stuffed bunnies to put inside to snuggle with. Keep a bowl of carrot sticks nearby, as little rabbits love to nibble.

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